Presiding service official says the company only YES does not say NO     July 2017, xi Jinping’s secretary-general is chaired hold the finance and economics central to head a group the 16th times the conference emphasizes, build the battalion business environment with stable sheer fairness, accelerate construction to open model economic new system. Last year on November 7, government of province of provincial Party committee is released jointly ” civilian battalion economy 10 ” , want clearly ” farther promotion business serves system of presiding service official, ‘ man-to-man ‘ dog harmonious it is difficult to solve ent金龙湾部长微信广州人和金龙湾erprise developing ” . Reports of 11 5 plenary meeting formulate municipal Party committee of Guangzhou of the Communist Party of China, guangzhou wants 岗顶水博会所部长微信岗顶水博桑拿部长电话exert oneself compose to establish the system mechanism that promotes development of economic high quality, construction has the battalion business environment of global competition ability. 2018, sea bead area t夏珑湾国际水汇夏芧夏珑湾有桑拿吗akes the lead in realizing the area of system of official of CSO presiding service as complete province, through establishing key company (target company) contact employee makes plan, comb key company list, rely on each function branch and street establish an enterprise to serve a group, every enterprise provides official of a presiding service, provide ground make out an invoice of Wu of 2 education of apartment of settle of optional location, talent, talent, children, fire control, duty, policy is declared wait for complete lifecycle to serve, drive an enterprise to serve macrocosm to change, complete member change. Sea bead area enrols business to do chief introduction, system of official of CSO presiding service is included provincial Party committee to save a government to be released jointly ” civilian battalion economy 10 ” , win complete province promotion. Case focusing   ” clerk ” whole technological process follows   after all 24 hours 快活林一品阁” value opportunity ” along with make follow should the innovation of system of official of   CSO presiding service is born, result from indust广州齐富路阿信桑拿图片齐富路阿信桑拿体验rial move business and business servive routine, final also be for regression and benefit enterprise. Be born as what presiding enterprise serves government-owned system and abstract a branch, sea bead area enrols business to do a staff member t广州海之洲攻略番禺钟村金桂湾水疗会o have feeling greatly: “Before in process of project be born, we discover newly established enterprise is mixed ‘ ab extra door ‘ when entering Guangzhou, will arrive not to understand a situation suddenly first, policy understanding produces deviation easily, the integrated capability of social natural resources is not high, often appear simple issue is complex do, do repeatedly, finally still is the awkward case that cannot handle. Some companies go because of this change other place, caused the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of the project. ”   is for talent of tarry project, tarry, sea bead area enrols business to do on the foundation that past project minister is in charge of making, it is a dot with the enterprise, it is an axis with the problem, for every target (problem) the enterprise provides official of a presiding service, all general affairs of Guangzhou of be born of enterprise of specific responsibility butt joint. Official of CSO presiding service basically is in charge of providing ground book of optional location opinion, participate in business affairs contract negotiation, accompany conduction card to illuminate, the newspaper approves a newspaper to build, application of apartment of duty Wu make out an invoice, talent, children lets change, talented person green card, industry gives aid to policy explain get wait each, “Individuation + whole technological pr岸尚水堂改名天元水疗2018茂名桑拿哪里有ocess ” follow after all, till project be born, personnel reachs the designated position, generation taxation. 1 day is taken it is ind市桥水澜湾有什么服务武汉御水澜湾ustrial and commercial business charter, good to do inside 3 days business of make out an invoice of value added tax… of with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning of the CSO since after-thought ” sea bead speed ” , succeed to be stationed in one of 10 thousand enterprise delegates that get the better of square at present — in the Xiaoyuan of headquarters of south of oil natural gas still sighs with emotion again and again up to now: “Sea of if it were not for bead area dogs provided the 君港休闲会所什么服务君港休闲会所部长号码so considerate service that enrol business, we complete the orde阿拉爱上海 自荐r of Beijing headquarters make known to lower levels absolutely impossibly ahead of schedule! ” this is CSO since system of presiding service official is founded ” service bonus ” . Enjoy presiding service official ” service bonus ” still have Alibaba group partner. Last year on August 10, group partner Hu Xiaoming is in Alibaba to be interviewed about chief with Guangzhou city during, suffer invite declare green card of Guangzhou city qualified personnel, h金城桑拿员村技师图片广州金城桑拿有全套吗u Xiaoming is in happy, also made anxious. What is green card of Guangzhou city qualified personnel? What effect does talent green card have? How to declare deal with… after brief bewilderment, the CSO that company controller thought of to sea bead area enrols business to do is presiding service official. After whole technological process of green card of 20 days of talents that finish is receiving the signal that gets an enterprise to encounter difficulty, sea bead area enrols business to do the staff member that invited green card of talent of bureau of area person company to examine and approve a branch for a short while, the collective Libaba that it is A agency staff got on ” green card of Guangzhou city qualified personnel is declared coach class ” . On the class, business of court of sea bead district runs bureau of company of the person that reach an ar上社银池kb上社服务ea with respec广州哪里有半套 年轻的广州番禺市桥按摩论坛t to green card of Guangzhou city qualified personnel pay of 9 big welfare undertook enjoyable explain; in detail and feel the age that checked the member that declare a person, record of formal schooling in detail, wait for information from already all previous, compare one by one right, match declare byelaw, seek best declare method; finally with respect to talent green card declare operation of system of flow, network to wait undertook explaining in the round, poked the dense fog of the enterprise at a draught. Be in next in declaring a process, sea bead area enrols business to do director Yang Xiao to hold the position of CSO personally, the business information in handl黄边汇聚洲会馆好玩吗广州汇聚洲会馆服务ing network operating system for Alibaba is registered wait for concerned item, data of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership of company of handgrip hand guidance, open a proof, upload accessory, for many times with city outside only bureau communicate, harmonious declare personnel working proof, living proof and accelerate广州岗贝路乐品汇会所乐品汇 广州桑拿 examine and approve flow, shorten the item such as the time limit that make card, be less than time of 20 days, alibaba finished talent green card from declare examine and approve the whole technological process that carry. Right now, explain the ability that get a person is green block a remnant to under广州潇洒皇宫中心广州潇洒皇宫几号技师stand the last situation of card, but treat the one condition with be like the easiest, beat however Internet bound the big Ga of all-powerful. Original, hu Xiaoming is away on official business because of long-term and outer ground, cannot carry material of examine and verify to get card personally. Right now, business of court of sea bead district does to coordinate government affairs of bureau of area person company, region to do with all possible means again wait for a branch, suffer him Hu Xiaoming t广州粤明人力资源有限公司广州粤明休闲126号技师o entrust, take the place of personally its dealt with talent green card to receive procedures. “Before the enterprise, we are common ‘ clerk ‘ ” . Yang Xiao says. Presiding service official goes upstairs eaves enters garden are沙湾水汇480元消费什么广州番禺水疗会所全套a   on December 26, 2018, sea bead area first ” station of business servive routine and station of servive routine of civilian battalion economy ” in Pa continent 10 thousand get the 海之洲水疗休闲会馆部长电话better of square to uncover a card to hold water. This ” business servive routine stands ” it is sea bead area is garrisoned the first times Lou Yu’s enterprise and service station of civilian battalion economy. Of workstation hold water, of presiding service official garrison, s广州潇洒皇宫体验报告ince goes upstairs to extend system of presiding service official the eaves, area that enter garden, into the enterprise, bring to will be an enterprise closer, more real time excellent service. After workstation uncovers a shop sign, every week 3 afternoon 2:00~5:00 meetings have 1-2 name CSO of presiding service official is garrisoned site, the field service that begins by a definite date a long time, offer freely from office optional location, industrial and commercial register, policy of enter a school of settle of bill application, employee, children, industry is declared wait for s广州洗桑拿多少煜是什么意思番禺no1水疗红牌钱ettle the advisory chime of whole process moves a service, enterprise of true get through serves ” last kilometer ” . Reporter discovery, sea bead area enrols business to do on desk of the work that be stationed in a dot to placing stage card, floor world company was tagged to be able to head for the time that refer designedly above paragraph contact means with CSO. The area enrols business to do chief introduction, “Be not the office hours that be stationed in a dot, have the enterprise of need 24 hours to be able to dial the telephone of presiding service official, CSO can reply inside 24 hours. ” next, station of business servive routine and station of servive routine of civilian battalion economy will be entered in succession be stationed in the key such as tent tow广州品茶微信预约er, round-the-world trade centre to enrol Shang Louyu. Basic level ponders over sea bead area to enrol business to do director Yang Xiao to serve not to hang neutral not to say commonly ” NO ”   is in the process that enrol business, I discover a few are worth reflection phenomenon: It is project, technology, capital although,trend of going from place to place already was flow direction cost by cost small change tall, but the area with battalion business relatively high grade environment. 2 it is Pu Hui service of sexual window government affairs satisfies requirement of enterprise individuation government affairs hard. 3 be buy as the enterprise, mix change, the change that appear on the market, the hasten of root establish sex that is in some ground is weak. The improvement of battalion business environment, motivation depends on wanting to develop. Want development to be about new way. 2018, our initiate pursued system of official of CSO presiding service, be written into Guangdong provincial Party committee to save a government ” civilian battalion economy 10 ” the 10th: Promotion business is presiding service official system, “Man-to-man ” dog harmonious it is difficult to solve enterprise developing. In carrying out a process, the advantage that should allow an enterprise to experience a mechanism to innovate and material benefit, cannot leave CSO to carry out what group backside implements power formidably to prop up. Besides ” 24 hours of principles ” besides, CSO group has 5 large institutions to prop up, ensure day-to-day business servive routine won’t hang neutral: It is project minister is in charge of making. Each CSO accept the leadership of minister of a project, want to accomplish without fail: The person stares at project, essence to allow sale, custom-built service and performance assessment to wait. 2 it is system of week regular meeting. Every week 广州龙归永兴悦海洲水会qta little while, comb a key, report project station Zhang, communicate difficulty doubtful point. 3 be do not say easily ” NO ” principle. The new job that butt joint of presiding service official reachs every industry must have a return inside 24 hours. To the enterprise appeal to b广州鼎福桑拿价格广州金丝玛水疗电话eg cannot say commonly ” NO ” , think way however, seek a way, try every means is accomplished say ” YES ” . 4 it is counterpoise nods a project to carry out ” 5 one 广州外商丽池桑拿” : Plan of an an an a priority discipline, leader, CSO, follow-up, dog after all all the time. 5 it is node type, sink type serves. We often open the meeting to building site spot, open Lou Yu and garden area, begin send policy ” go upstairs into garden ” wait for the action, of company of get through service ” last kilometer ” . Had these specific and strong move, CSO began the job to have prop up, business servive routine won’t hang neutral, can give efficiency. System of official of CSO presiding service is written ” civilian battalion economy 10 ” obtaining complete province to popularize is only germinant, we still will be deepened continuously henceforth, extend, abound its connotation and extension, progressively compose builds a city – area – street 3 class are stereo change system of job of official of CSO presiding service. For instance, change with city hair appoint, city worker worker is believed appoint, city action business does wait for function branch to be begun jointly come to enrol business and enterprise to visit a service, man-to-man make enrolling business project service to grind mainly sentence regularly, enhance the specific aim of the service and effectiveness. In addition, 18 are in inside the area street build apanage CSO to serve a system in coordination, preliminary compose builds content of a Qing Dynasty of company base number, service complete, whole area of a dish of chess assist movable mould type. Still consider to continue company service outspread to village company and couplet company, collective economy controller should know newest industrial policy and industrial way, exploration is built ” wisdom serves ” system, reach service, aggrandizement guides, reduce an enterprise ” fault rate ” . Optimize battalion business environment to do not have best, it钟村品汇国际水疗论坛 is better to have only. Go up without terminal road in this, we should change more abidingly go down, step down. The expert comments on Party school of provincial Party committee of Guangdong of the Communist Party of China to teach Hu Xia cannot singles fights a service to want a dish of chess to show level alone, the negative to decreasing, untie a person, demand that essence of life follows to change a service increases the business gradually, wu of general window profess to convinced and fixed service mode satisfy the requirement of enterprise individuation very hard, “Individuation + whole technological process ” the service pattern that follows a service after all to become an enterprise to favor. System of official of presiding service of CSO of initiate of sea bead area, furnish to battalion business environment just about the response that side structure sex reforms and fulfil, it is the window that makes the battalion business environment that provides competition ability more and characteristic. The primary motivation that battalion business environment improves depends on the need that market economy grows, the enterprise serves as demand square, of demand is a piece of business charter not just, the full cycle that the service of whole technological process that runs development however, project builds dogs; government serves as supply square, those who offer is not just ” do immediately ” speed, ” run at most ” efficiency, have the open and temperature, transparent, normalization service that can expect however. System of official of CSO presiding service conduces to accelerate compose to build commercialize, law is changed, environment of internationalization battalion business, of company of get through service ” last kilometer ” , more the angle that innovates from system mechanism is reform of sex of structure of side of supply of battalion business environment to offer solve train of thought effectively, for economic high quality structure of development, industry is optimized upgrade bring vigor and motive force. In the me水云湾休闲会所清诚区东诚澜水休闲antime, we must want to realise, system of official of CSO presiding service cannot rely on the singles of CSO individual to be fought alone only, want to mobilize the force of each estate extensively. For instance, city, area should deepen a butt joint to cooperate about function branch each, apanage is street and main lead钟村水疗会所全套番禺水上湾水疗是全套吗er, community is entire member should participate in an enterprise to serve. To particularly major project, area appoint deputy warden of secretary, warden, be assigned personal responsibility for wants complete a join forces, want to become a common CSO, personally go into battle serves an industry. Future hopes to be able to have more move, through the province – city – 3 cascade use the area CSO system of presiding service official is pushed to development. Qing Dynasty of this kind of the truth of a matter, content of a dish of complete, chess assist ability of movable mould type obtains better service result. Service official works some of what to provide ground book of optional location opinion participates in negotiation of business affairs contract to accompany conduction card to approve a newspaper to build apartment of talent of duty Wu make out an invoice to apply for children to follow industry of change talent green card to give aid to according to the newspaper policy explain get   …   priority discipline ” 5 one ”   , battalion of implementation of project of business of action of key of sea bead area closes exceed 48 billion yuan, grow compared to the same period exceed 25%; to realize taxation to exceed 2 billion yuan, grow compared to the same period exceed 10% . Area of assemble of innovation of Pa continent Internet already introduced company of 6 high grade science and technology, 2 companies revenue crosses 100 million yuan. Up to now, introduce be born successfully already 77 high grade enterprises, register capital to exce水伊方全套623广州 纳尔顿服务怎么样ed 12 billion yuan, contain 500 strong investment companies of world 8, 500 strong investment companies of Chinese 16, occupy recommend a company 3 into.